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Precision and customer satisfaction

Since its founding in 1989, there are two important principles for Engel Präzisionsprofile GmbH: precision and customer satisfaction. To do justice to these principles and simultaneously meet the demands of a challenging market and the steadily increasing globalisation, we must uncompromisingly fulfil vital prerequisites:

We manufacture with ultra modern facilities that always comply with the latest technology. Highly motivated and competent employees continuously trained internally and externally cater to the optimal implementation of the computer based high-tech machines with their specialised knowledge. Our production and fitting are subject to strict quality controls from the raw material to the semi-manufactured product and to the final product.




Last but not least, for our market success, the large bandwidth of production possibilities is decisive. It allows the fulfilment of very differentiated customer demands, including concrete quality and delivery agreements with the customer.

Remaining loyal to these principles has proven itself.

Today, with the production in our profiling facilities and machinery for component manufacture, we supply a worldwide customer base from the most diverse branches.




Thank you very much for your interest in our company. We like to convince you of our high performance. Therefore we are very glad to receive your inquiry of special profiles!

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