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The quality standard:

Highest quality with fair prices, with zero-defects-strategy, clearly defined and pragmatically implemented. Engel Präzisionsprofile GmbH was already certified in January 1995 as the very first German cold-rolling profile operation by an internationally accredited certification association according to DIN EN ISO 9002 8/94 for all divisions (reference: WLW).

This high quality standard was only attainable through the demanding quality management system (QMS) established already in 1991, and its consequent implementation.

SPC checking place

Through team-oriented implementation of the quality system in practise and through several quality checks, which accompany our products from the incoming goods to the outgoing goods, this high standard is perpetually kept up and furtherly optimised.

The computer-aided process control and surveillance (e.g. SPC) and permanent internal audits contribute to our constant good quality. We hereby rely on the high experience of Dreistern quality from southern Black Forest when we buy profilising tools and on the high experience of German split service centers when we buy the 1a raw material.

Your advantage is small tolerances, high durability, special profiles, prefabrication innovations and special finish with various raw materials and customer-exclusive production.

In 2012 Engel Präzisionsprofile GmbH was already certified the seventh time according to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 by KIWA International Cert.



The ecological use of resources (f.e. usage of lubrication oils with a minimized level of harmful substances), creation of the best possible labour conditions (f.e. noise prevention cabins for production lines), and the maintenance of a high standard of work safety (please see "chronicles" 1996; f.e. external work safety and work medical assistance by the "Reutlinger pool") are all aspects of modern management that are gaining ever more importance.

Q-Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001 2008


Q-Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001 2008

These factors have been a 25 years continuing matter of course at Engel Präzisionsprofile GmbH.



Successful transfer to the new norm revision DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 for the entire area of application of our company: Production of profiles and component parts.


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