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Tyco Awards

In April 2008 ENGEL Präzisionsprofile GmbH got the Tyco Supplier Award 2008 again for excellent and superior quality over a very long period

In the European headquarter of Tyco Electronics near Brussels / Belgium, the world's biggest concern of electronics, the Tyco-Triangle-Days 2008 took place on four days in April 2008.


Tyco Urkunde   


Just 125 very best Tyco suppliers among the 800 best Tyco suppliers worldwide were invited to this special quality symposium, which took place for the first time in 2005.


In November 2005 (please see below) ENGEL Präzisionsprofile GmbH was honored for its performances with the (at that time for the first time assigned) Tyco Triangle Award as the Europe-wide best supplier for criteria such as quality, logistics and the technical-commercial cooperation for the exceptionally successful implementation of Tyco’s extremely strong rules and ratings for its suppliers.







At the symposium in 2008 it was especially pointed-out that e.g. in the period from 2000 until 2007 ENGEL Präzisionsprofile GmbH delivered millions of meters of high-precise stainless steel closure channels to the different plants of Tyco Electronics without any mistakes and without the least complaint.

Zero-defects in delivery quantities of millions of meters and each delivery just-in-time, exactly arriving at the customer on the right hour and an innovative cooperation resulting in a “win-win-situation” for customer and supplier over a quite long period. As well as Tyco's quality audits and ratings, the perpetual ratings and audits of all our other customers also verify our zero-defects-quality.

Due to this anew exceptional quality performance ENGEL Präzisionsprofile GmbH was honored in 2008 by Tyco again with the highest possible decoration, which is associated with an award.

Following the Tyco's management view it is something very special if a supplier receives the Tyco Supplier Award. That a supplier receives such an award twice in series is the “first time, unique and a very outstanding performance of an excellent long term supplier".

We, ENGEL Präzisionsprofile GmbH, want to sincerely thank for this award and valuate this anew decoration as a confirmation and challenge at the same time that our strive for highest quality has turned out as the correct way. We find it also as an everlasting mission to try to improve the so far achieved high level on and on in future. So precision is not a permanent status but it is a constant ambition for something perfect!




Tyco Triangle Award accorded to ENGEL Präzisionsprofile GmbH


Tyco Electronics is the world's biggest electronic concern, a global leader, the most important supplier of passive and active electronic components. Tyco employs 260.000 staff members with a turnover of  41 billions US-$ in 2004/2005.


An "awarded" partnership

In November 2005 Tyco awarded for the first time one long term supplier for his excellent and exemplary performances on the "Tyco Triangle Day", an informative meeting for the 400 most important suppliers from 11 nations in Kessel-Lo, Belgium.

For the past 16 years ENGEL Präzisionsprofile GmbH from Neustetten / Germany has yearly delivered millions of meters of high precise profiles, permanently and for more than 10 years without mistakes and without the least complaint.



The concern rules of the "Tyco Triangle"  for the hard requirements on quality (e.g. just zero-defects-deliveries permitted / 6 sigma), logistics (e.g. if necessary, production and delivery of express orders within a few hours) and the technical-commercial rules (e.g. cooperative pricing to support the sales activities of Tyco) have been always to be strictly regarded.


High award from Tyco Electronics Raychem N.V. for ENGEL Präzisionsprofile GmbH, Neustetten as a recognition for a lifelong cooperation at the "Tyco Triangle".






For the first time the Tyco Triangle Award was conferred for exceptional and long term performances of a supplier in quality, logistics and technical-commercial cooperation.







                      Tyco Lifetime Achievement Award

                                    Tyco Award


In the permanent delivery performance rating ENGEL Präzisionsprofile GmbH has exceeded since about 10 years all hard guidelines (target = best rating "very good") from Tyco with the maximum score  and has achieved every year in all six evaluated criteria the extra grade "excellent"!

Tyco Triangle deutsch       

Tyco Triangle


ENGEL Präzisionsprofile GmbH would like to sincerely thank Tyco Electronics for this special award, which we appreciate as a confirmation of the recognition for the accuracy of our  business philosophy. This award means an inducement to us as well as a challenge and responsibility to serve all our customers furthermore on the the achieved level.




In our belief this leads to an innovative cooperation in partnership and to an advantage, a win-win situation for both customer and supplier.  This has been confirmed to us in the meantime by several other customers (also zero defects in 2005 and the years before) and by a major bank with written references.


Issued as the article "Ausgezeichnetes Profil" in the special edition "Creating the future" of the regional newspaper "Schwäbisches Tagblatt" from January 2nd, 2006

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